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Solution Gear FlexiFit Skirt

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The Solution Flexifit skirt has an adjustable waist and comes in three standard cockpit sizes. It features durable 4mm flexible small diamond neoprene on the flat section to minimise drip-through into the cockpit, and 2mm neoprene around the waist to increase your torso comfort over a long paddle.


  •     4mm small diamond neoprene base
  •     2mm small diamond neoprene waist


  •     Tapered adjustable tab for increased seal and comfort around your torso,
  •     Supersoft binding for increase comfort,
  •     4mm Flexible Small Diamond Neoprene for better fitting to different cockpit shapes,
  •     2mm Flexible neoprene waist for extra comfort,
  •     50mm Wide Pull Tag, sewn for easy ejection when needed.