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Mirage Sea Kayaks Standard Rudder - Fibreglass

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Mirage Sea Kayaks Standard Rudder - Fibreglass


This rudder fits all Mirage Sea Kayaks - Make sure you list what Mirage you need the rudder for when you order.


Integrated Rudder

Unique to the Mirage range is our reliable, efficient and expedition proven integrated rudder system. This is an exceptionally strong and low maintenance system that causes almost no additional drag to the boat.

The sturdy construction is designed to take rough treatment in the water and on land. Each of the different integrated rudders can be removed and replaced within a minute, with the other type of integrated rudder to suit the paddling conditions.

Standard Rudder

The standard rudder sits approximately 8cm below the keel line of the kayak and the large surface area gives great responsiveness, even in big following seas, surf landings and is ideal for areas where manoeuvrability is critical.

Mirage Sea Kayaks FG Rudder