Kayak Buddy - Australian made Kayak trolley by Clyde

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Kayak Trolley:

Australian Made by Clyde in Gosford (Clyde is a sea kayaker, makes the Mirage rudders and is an amazing handy-man)

fully endorsed by Mirage Sea Kayaks

The Kayak Buddy is essentially a second set of hands allowing for much easier manoeuvring of your kayak.

The Kayak Buddy fits most kayaks on the market and it's unique design, adjustable straps, and the best sand tyres on the market, it's simply second to none. 

  • Quality Construction
  • Will not rust
  • Made from stainless steel & aluminium
  • Disassembles quickly for easy storage
  • Wide tyres for any terrain
  • Australian Made
  • Fits inside your kayak

1) Simply strap the buddy to the kayak and wheel to the waters edge -- fits on both the bow or stern.

2) Pull the Kayak Buddy apart and off you go

3) When you have finished your paddle, simply reassemble the kayak buddy, strap it to the kayak, and back to the car you go!

Buy Aussie Made.