Fenn Blue-Fin S: 14.5kg vac glass

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Beginner/Entry-Level Ocean Ski

When the Blue-Fin S was launched it quickly asserted itself as the number one entry-level surf ski on the market.

What makes the Blue-Fin S so unique when compared to others in its class is that it remains a surf ski / ocean ski while some of the others are basically sea kayaks.

The Blue-Fin S is a manoeuvrable entry-level craft and surfs extremely well while still offering great flat-water speed and stability.

It is designed to get the new paddler out on the water without having to spend a lot of time learning to balance.

The Blue-Fin S comes with three easy-to-carry handles and a safety leash attachment point.

Length:  5.9m
Width:   53cm
Weight: 14.5kg
Construction:  Vac glass

Vac glass:
Vacuum bagged fibreglass, vinyl ester resin.​The glass vac layup is a lightweight version of the poly vac layup. This construction gives the paddler a light weight version of an affordable boat. 

The S seat:
The all new ‘S’ seat in the Fenn range has been a huge success. So what is new about the S seat? The new setup has the following:
    A more fitted seat
    Lower foot-well
    Less hump between foot-well and seat
    The whole set up has been moved forward along with the rudder
    More angle on the footplate
    New leg leash attachment point near the base of the foot-well

As you can see, considerable changes have been made to the top of the boat while retaining the classic Fenn hallmarks on the hull.

A demo Blue-Finn is available to test paddle at Sydney Harbour Kayaks. The Blue-Finn is available to buy in your choice of construction.